[BONUS] Gray Wolf Summit Replays:

Nic Peterson: Introduction and the Barbell

  • The Certainty of Misery

  • The Mundane

  • The Barbell

    • Explore - exploit

    • MED - MRV

    • Reliable - Upside

  • Resource Allocation

  • Stair-stepping (you CAN have your cake and eat it, too.)

…and more:

This is the opening to the 2023 Gray Wolf Summit

You can see the confirmed 2024 dates at:


Jon Hurry: Working with Elon and Solving Problems (plus, some hilarious stories)

One of our newest Guardians has been involved in every aspect of auto industry focusing on Electric Vehicle efficiency through the implementation of lightweight materials and high-performance electric hub motors.

He's been good friends with and worked with Elon at "Stressla", helped develop the Model S along with many other auto bodies, and invented two new alloys you'll find in most vehicles on the roads today.

He has also become a very close fiend and brings a TON of cognitive horsepower to the Guardian tier. Learn more (and have a laugh). Full replay:

The above is a New Guardian Spotlight interview at the Gray Wolf Summit.

You can see the confirmed 2024 dates at:


The additional replays will be available for TGA Founding Members, the full set of replays will be available for Guardians once they are fully rendered.

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