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Great question. Be sure to read this post in its entirety before making a decision.


a short letter from the Director of Business Development at Global Protein Group, and founder of Thursday Night Boardroom, Jeff Moore:

In reading this entry by Dr. Jung today, I found myself realizing that act of creating consciousness is a form of sculpting...

chipping away the unconscious to reveal our best, brightest and most fulfilled self.

If you have read anything of substance that I have written over the last few years, you will recall the passage about the best advice I have ever given.

I mention a clear example and metaphor, and recognize an individual that I believe is one of the greatest sculptors of our time… Nic Peterson.

If you have not made the investment in becoming a Founding Member of The Guardian Academy, I Strongly and Passionately encourage you to do so.

Prepare to be Sculpted... Your life will never be the same again.

Carl Jung Says:

"The difference between the "natural" individuation process, which runs its course unconsciously, and the one that is consciously realized is tremendous.

In the first case, consciousness nowhere intervenes; the end remains as dark as the beginning. In the second case, so much darkness comes to light that the personality is permeated with light and consciousness necessarily gains in scope and insight.

The encounter between conscious and unconscious has to ensure that the light that shines in the darkness is not only comprehended by the darkness, but comprehends it."

And Second…

Before jumping in, be sure to read our ten commandments1. Take note of the style we use to communicate. The world is rapidly changing and we are faced with a generation of adults trapped in perpetual childhood. Our communication will not facilitate helplessness or entitlement. It’s not because we are mean, but because we are kind and we care that you have the tools to earn the things that you want in life.

Subscribing will ramp up your knowledge and skills to learn and earn for the future. The concepts, principles and topics are broad stroke. Don’t worry, one of the things you will learn is how to take foundational principles and apply them to your situation. Detailed and personal analysis and dialogue is reserved for the higher tiers.

We are not a “how to make money” program. We are a “how to become the person that gets the things they want in life” program. That does requires a basic financial framework - you can see ours here. We will talk, in depth, about how to make more money (hint: you will have to learn skills and/or do work). We will also talk about something equally important; when more money is not the answer.

If you can’t afford the paid tiers, see the section called “How To Pay For Years Of The Paid Tier” below.

The posts are ranked by difficulty:

Level 7: Avant Garde-ian; Innovator (Paid)
Level 6: Grand Master Player (Paid)
Level 5: Master Player (Paid)
Level 4: Serious Player (Paid)
Level 3: Master of Mundane (Paid and Free)
Level 2: DIYer (Free)
Level 1: …And that’s okay (Free)

Join The Guardian Academy - Walk The “Earned” Path

We will cover all things health, wealth and wisdom. The order of importance is up to you. The Guardian Academy is focused primarily on purpose driven individuals and companies (a majority of our members are business owners at the time of writing this) stay ahead of the curve, block out the noise and tune into the signal.

We take a “collective momentum” approach - bringing contributors from around the world in many different industries. We have access to the foremost experts in finance, taxes, crypto, performance, mindset, collaboration, fitness, marketing and sales. You can see our core partners linked at the bottom of this article.

Structure of Content

Our eternal structure will evolve over time. The initial iteration was inspired by the BowTied community. We like to give credit where credit is due and their structure makes a lot of sense. The output of content will likely increase over time, with a higher percentage of it being paid. That doesn’t mean there will be less free stuff, but there will likely be increasingly more paid stuff.

Free post: 1x a week minimum, this will typically be on a Monday.

Paid post: 1x a week minimum, this will typically be on a Friday.
We reserve the right to change these posting days based on data, feedback or preference.

QnA: Paid subscribers will have the ability to comment directly on any post. Founding Members and Guardians will have more frequent QnA via Zoom and events.

Additional posts: We will be posting additional content on top of the structure above. As far as timing of those posts, see below.

Timing: We will not have an exact posting schedule. Due to timezones, travel and coordinating collaborations - the posts will be made when they are made and available to everyone at the same time.

Intensives: Intensives are goal or outcome specific. Think of them like courses designed to solve one specific problem. You can learn more about intensives here.

How To Pay For Years Of The Paid Tier:

We like to pay for ourselves many times over as often as possible. “Recapture and Reallocate” has typically been a paid program. It’s so simple to implement and only takes about forty minutes.

Plus, if you actually do the work, you will probably find “free money” in plain sight. The data is so consistent, that we decided to make it free for everyone benefit.

Recapture and Reallocate is free, here.

Recapture the resources (in this case, money) and reallocate it toward whatever you want to reallocate it toward. We’d love to see you in the paid tier, but if you decide to do something else with your found money - more power to you.

There are Two Paths To Walk - And They Determine Your Future…

Future Guardian,

If you are reading this, you probably realize by now that we are little bit different. We aren’t promising you that there are better things “somewhere out there” but instead that the better thing are “someone in here”. We’re here to help you realize your own greatness so that your future is as bright as it can be.

Look around. You don’t have to look hard to see the world is in a state of chaos. And we have news for you…

Nobody is coming to save you.

…And That’s okay.

You have everything you need to become your own guide, control your own destiny and - if you choose - make a ton of money and live your best life.

Where should you start? The first step is to learn to know yourself in all aspects: mental, physical, spiritual, and in relationship to others. Those who achieve self-knowledge are prepared to choose and follow the “Chung Doe” path.

There are two paths in life.

In Korean, the two paths are “Chung Doe”, the good or the right path, and “Pa Doe”, the bad or the wrong path. I've spent hundreds of hours with Grand Master Mike discussing the true meaning. It's my belief that “good vs bad” or “right vs wrong” are too simplistic. To me, the anecdotes tell of a different battle.  

Throughout the anecdotes, Chung Doe represents the path of natural selection. It's the most efficient path up the mountain for the strong and well-adapted.  It is the path that leads to growth and development. Chung Doe represents the Earned path and will be henceforth referred to as the Earned Path.

“Seeking dopamine without effort will destroy a person” 
- Andrew Huberman. 

Pa Doe represents the man-made trail of convenience and weakness. It is the path of seeking pleasure or reward without effort. Pa Doe is the path of self-destruction through entitlement. Pa Doe represents entitlement. It will be henceforth referred to as the Entitled Path. 

The Earned Path is the way of great mental, physical, and spiritual power that adds value to the individual, family, and others. Relationships based on the Earned Path are pure, enduring, and productive. They produce the “good seeds” to leave behind for posterity. The Entitled Path or “Pa Doe” is the bad seed of poor principles because it lives only unto itself without moral principles. You have the power to choose the path you take.

The Guardian Academy is about developing power through developing self-efficacy. We walk the earned path.

We earn our health.

We earn our wealth.

We earn our wisdom.

By upgrading to the paid tiers, you are learning on our tuition at a drastic discount. There is a cost to joining, so hang around and peruse the free stuff as much as you’d like. At some point, there is a cost to not joining.


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