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I’m Nic.

Across the top of my website it says: Guru. Expert. Student.

At the bottom of every Guardian Academy article you’ll see: “Live to learn. Give to Earn”

The Guardian Academy was born at the intersection of the two. On one hand, I’m driven to learn as much as possible from the best in the world. On the other, I’m called to share it with others. The Guardian Academy is built on the fundamental observation that the world's most successful companies, executives, and repeat-achievers operate differently from the rest of the industry they are in, but similar to each other.

Instead of the “industry-norm” toolbox, they carry a “first-principle” toolbox.

The Guardian Academy delivers in-depth in sights on building your own toolbox to help you reach your goals.

I believe the best way to do this is through exposure, proximity and access to the right people places and things. I prefer in-person dialogue over any other communication style or medium - but travel, obligations and expenses make it difficult for everyone to participate. This is the alternative - a way to remove as many barriers as possible, reach more people like you and invite them to join the conversation.

Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, operator, or just have a strong purpose we equip you with the knowledge, understanding and frameworks to capitalize on the future…and don’t be afraid to contribute. We have learned as much from readers and members as we have from mentors and partners and we love to share both.

We hope you’ll find the Guardian Academy as valuable as one of our long-term member, the director of business development at the Global Protein Group

In reading this entry by Dr. Jung today, I found myself realizing that act of creating consciousness is a form of sculpting... chipping away the unconscious to reveal our best, brightest and most fulfilled self.

If you have read anything of substance that I have written over the last few years, you will recall the passage about the best advice I have ever given.

I mention a clear example and metaphor, and recognize an individual that I believe is one of the greatest sculptors of our time… Nic Peterson.

If you have not made the investment in becoming a Founding Member of The Guardian Academy, I Strongly and Passionately encourage you to do so.

Prepare to be Sculpted... Your life will never be the same again.

Carl Jung Says:

"The difference between the "natural" individuation process, which runs its course unconsciously, and the one that is consciously realized is tremendous.

In the first case, consciousness nowhere intervenes; the end remains as dark as the beginning. In the second case, so much darkness comes to light that the personality is permeated with light and consciousness necessarily gains in scope and insight.

The encounter between conscious and unconscious has to ensure that the light that shines in the darkness is not only comprehended by the darkness, but comprehends it."

The Contributors:

Dr. Jeff Spencer

Dr. Jeff Spencer is recognized as one of the greatest performance and mindset coaches of all time. After becoming an olympic medalist, he went on to become a world renowned glass artist, coach over 40 Olympic Medals and become the mindset and performance coach for Bono & U2, Tiger Woods, Richard Branson, Chris Voss, Dave Asprey of Bullet Proof Coffee and all 9 Tour De France Victories.

Dr. Jeff is the best in the world at helping people unlock and play at their full potential as well as maintaining performance as a team or organization.

Jeff is one of my closest friends, mentors and cornerman for the Guardian Academy. You can see the Cornerman Archive here.

Nic Peterson

(That’s me).

I’m not big on talking about myself. It’s a weird thing. So I’ll let the other contributors do that for me.

Here’s what Dr. Jeff Spencer said:

“It’s hard to find the right words to introduce Nic to you. Perhaps you’ve had exposure to Nic and his book Bumpers. In my opinion there are people that come along that are once in a generation and there are people that are once in creation. I can say that Nic Peterson, in terms of my experience is one of those people. An original.

I told him when I met him that he has a bent frame. There is something so logical about his uncommon logic, there’s something so correct about his unique way of looking at things. He’s an observer of truth and he articulates that very well once he gets his head round it.

My position has always been that if Nic is thinking about something… pay attention.

I’ll also say that in terms of a support system there is one person I go to to bound ideas off of, and that’s Nic. I can’t emphasis enough his creative genius and unique way of looking at things.”

You can get a free copy of Bumpers (or order it from Amazon) here.

Joseph Robertson

Joseph is one of the rare individuals that can turn the abstract into beautiful words that not only make sense to the reader, but do so without losing the essence of the message.

Joseph has earned the CMO role in TGA. Most of the long form articles are a byproduct of Joseph extracting the essence, principles and lessons from events, conversations and his own observations and amalgamating them into something entirely new, profound and powerful.

Joseph also writes for his own publication. I tell people that its great writing about writing great.

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As if that wasn’t enough, he was the performance and mindset coach for 9 Tour De France victories. Bono from U2, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Chris Voss, Dave Asprey of Bullet Proof Coffee and Richard Branson keep him on speed dial in case times get tough. There are few people on the planet that have more insight on things like:

  • What it takes to win

  • How to be a repeat winner instead of a one hit wonder

  • How to win as a team

  • How to be a great teammate

  • What’s coming around the corner

Our founder and Jeff have spent multiple hours a week together, every single week for over five years straight - and the archive of their explorations is just now being made available.

There will also be opportunities to have your questions answered by Jeff in the comments section that unlocked.

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The Letter was a $97 a month direct mail newsletter touching on peak performance, marketing and personal development.

It was discontinued when the company was sold in 2021.

In late 2023 it was revamped rebranded and relaunched. There are no digital copies of the new Letter.

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One of our members got tired of the fact that the best options for things like health insurance, life insurance, home and auto insurance, payment processing and tax strategy are either hard to find or not available to the general public. So…he created an association to make them available. In true Guardian fashion, he made the association membership free for life for TGA+ members.

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A Few TGA Favorites.

Some reader favorites from the archives.

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“Guardian For Good” Economy

The Guardian Academy motto is “live to learn. give to earn” There are many ways to live and there are many ways to give. Millions of dollars of business is created at our Guardian events - we ask that Guardians take 1% of the business done together and donate it to Genius Recovery, a nonprofit founded by one of our Guardians.

We don’t validate that it’s been done and if you have a cause close to your heart that is more important, we support it. If you do business inside or around TGA, consider donating at least 1% of it to something that matters to you.

Live to learn. Give to Earn.
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