Bumpers Accelerator & Ascension Model


Your Bumpers and all of the bonuses are below.

Before you dig in, I want to orient you a little bit. This page is hosted on the Guardian Academy publication as a hidden page (so bookmark it if you want to come back. You won’t be able to find it, otherwise).

The Guardian Academy is currently revamping it’s member area experience, you’ll get full access to the Accelerator once it’s ready. In the meantime…

Why The Guardian Academy? The Guardian Academy is my passion project. It’s basically the home of all things build off a foundation of Bumpers.

Here’s What’s On This Page:

  • The Full Bumpers Accelerator

  • The Quality of Life Ascension Model Training

  • The Quality of Life Ascension Model Handbook (Please don’t share)

  • The Bumpers Scorecard

  • “Try This Productivity Tip Now” - a bonus resources that will help you keep moving forward.


The Bumper Accelerator Videos are below.

Bumpers Accelerator Update [Start Here]

Part One: Success

Part Two: The Gap

Part Three: Learning and Intelligence

Upgrading Your Intelligence

Part Four: Mastering The Muse

Part Five: Contact With Reality

Part Six: My Learning System [Original]

My Learning System [Updated]


In this audio presentation, Nic Peterson and Joe Polish provide insights on Bumpers, expand on the concepts and explore the practical applications. This was an in person presentation for Joe Polish's 100k group.


Download the Bumpers Scorecard below to score yourself according to the seven core concepts discussed in Bumpers. Read through each description and score yourself to get an accurate "starting place". Put the principles in place and then come back to score yourself again about 12-weeks later to see the relative progress you have made. When you compare the two scores, you can see the levers to pull to help you get to where you want to be.

I hope you found value in reading bumpers, watching the accelerator, doing the exercises and applying Bumpers to your life. Remember, life is a motion picture - it will take time to get your Bumpers in place and things will always be changing.

Improve the rolling average over time by raising the floor.

Apply what you’ve learned and then share you insights, takeaways and experience with others. If you feel like Bumpers was helpful to you in some way, I would greatly appreciate a review on Amazon.

Quality Of Life Ascension Model

And Setting Sustainable Goals


This was a live training over zoom breaking down the model


This is an excerpt from my $147 a month direct mail newsletter. There are no physical copies of a full Letter anywhere. Please, use this but do not share it.

Letter 3 Tga Special
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Ready To Engage The Field?

The only way you’re going to make progress is if you engage the field and implement. Here are three ways to do that:

  • Step Into The Arena: This is our coaching implementation program designed to help you break through the most immediate constraint. You can get on the waitlist at engagethefield.com

  • Get the Engaging The Field Handbook. Not ready to step into the Arena? That’s okay. The Engaging The Field Handbook will give you everything you need to start making progress on your own. engagethefield.com/handbook

  • Bumpers Workshops. I do Bumpers workshops for TGA+ members a couple times a month. You can start with TGA+ for $15 a month or $99 for the year:

  • Not sure where to start? I made a short, three part video and audio series that will help you figure out where to start, what to focus on and how to get more out of everything you do. Start with Part 1 of 3 here.

Live to learn. Give to Earn.

PS. Take your time. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight. Read Bumpers, you’ll see what I mean.