Guardian For Good Economy

A Guardian Medallion

First, it’s important to understand that everyone thinks their stuff is the best stuff. It might be great stuff, but not the best stuff for everyone. As a Guardian please do not hard sell anyone on anything. Also, do not blindly buy from people just because they are Guardians.

Be discerning and thoughtful when collaborating, partnering, or buying/selling.

That said, there is a lot of business/commerce that goes down in the Guardian Academy. It's a mini Guardian economy, which we are going to put resources into growing for you. It's our hope that your business or organization grows as a byproduct of being in the community.

We do not want any return or commission or anything like that on any of TGA commerce. Instead, what we ask is that 1% of what is generated goes to Genius Recovery. You can buy guard and donate crypto or just donate with card on their website.

We lost an incredible Guardian, Zachary Good, to addiction last year. We want to contribute to addiction and recovery research. If you cannot buy crypto, donate 1% directly to Genius Recovery.

This way, the entire Guardian Economy continues to support the mission of doing good. The halo effect may bring more people in looking to contribute.

Genius Recovery is Joe Polish's foundation and Joe has done out of his way since Day 1 to help others - especially Guardians.


Guardian A hires Guardian B or a $5,000 website build project. Guardian B donates $50 to Genius Recovery

We would like to document and share, anonymously, the total donations over time.

We will not monitor or enforce this. You are Guardians, we shouldn’t have to.

How To Donate:

Step 1:

Send Guard To (BNB or Polygon Network): [Process Coming Soon]

or Donate Directly To Genius Recovery:

Dedicate the donation to “TGA and Zachary Good”

Step 2:

Fill out this form to record it. There is no personal information required, we are just using this form to gauge the effectiveness of the program and find ways to bring more economy into TGA for your benefit.


The for above auto populate a spreadsheet that automatically updates the bottom of the website here:

We generally post a reminder every Sunday, piggy backing off the of the Wolf Den’s Sunday posts.