Peak Performance & Productivity Intensive - Dr Jeff Spencer

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Peak Performance and Productivity (Mindset) Intensive

Below is an intensive for developing the mindset, habits and schedule to perform your best. It is a collection from Dr. Jeff Spencer.

Who is Dr. Jeff Spencer?

Jeff was the peak performance and mindset coach for all nine tour de France victories. People like Bono from U2, Tiger Woods, Dave Asprey of Bulletproof and Richard Branson keep him on speed dial when they need a tune-up. Jeff is an olympic medalist himself and has coached over 40 olympic medalists and world champions.

He is the Guardian Academy Cornerman. This intensive is for anyone looking to play a big game.

Intensive Includes:

  • The Table Of Champions: What it takes to become a champion and how all the pieces below fit together. If you want a seat at the table, watch this training.

  • Human Mentalities, the ultimate mindset training

  • Life Lens Progression, how to see around corners

  • Champions Daily Schedule, how to create craft your schedule for maximum productivity and performance ($49 standalone, free for paid subs)

  • Goal Achievement Roadmap, the ultimate tool to set goals, prepare and achieve them ($997 standalone, free for Arena members and Guardians)

The Table of Champions:

What it takes to become a champions and how all the pieces below fit together - from a Guardian Event in 2023.

Human Mentalities Article with Video:

This article and video will lay the foundation for the whole intensive. We have two mentalities that are constantly at war; the human mindset and the Champions Mind.

Watch or Read Human Mentalities Here

Life Lens Progression:

One of the keys to performing your best is understanding the Life Len Progression - your drive, your strengths and liabilities in each decade. This is like a cheat code to see around corners - for yourself and for others:

Download your Life Lens Progression Graphic:

Life Lens Graphic
572KB ∙ PDF file
Download your own copy of the Life Lens Progression

Champions Daily Schedule

Your days turn into your weeks. Your weeks turn into your months. And your months turn into your years. The Champions perfect day is one of Jeff’s most sought after intellectual property because it addresses the foundation of all performance: controlling your day.

How do you set up a perfect day for you? Follow the steps in this training:

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