TGA Contributors Corner

If you want to binge on stuff from TGA contributors and partners, you can do so below. Some of this is public, most of it is not. It will be moved to the new members are for Guardians and Founding members once I figure out how to give people access (lol)

Below are the ones added as per Guardian Request on a Guardian call:

Howard Getson

Innovation, Technology, AI

Howard has sold an AI company for over 100 million dollars (a decade ago) and continues to be on the cutting edge of diffusion of innovation, tech and investing. Check out Howards stuff before you listen to anyone else about AI. I have a handful of private conversations with Howard I will get uploaded when the members area is ready.

In the meantime, here is some binge worthy content:

TGA Event Recording 1:

  • The Current State of AI

  • Leveraging AI: What You Need To Know

  • Thinking about AI: Mastery Mindsets

  • Getting Started

  • How To Implement “New Capabilites”

TGA Event Recording 2:

Howard has spent over $40 million on developing an advanced AI, mapped to the diffusion of innovation curve. Below, he shares an over-the-shoulder at what he is building, how he is building it and why it’s being built the way it is:

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