TGA Intensives (Courses)

Intensives are like mini-courses or, in some cases, mega-courses designed to tackle specific problems or issues. Intensives are made up of free, paid and unlisted content by The Guardian Academy and our partners and collaborators.

Utilize these if you have a specific issue you are navigating or preparing for.

For example, if you are currently doing something extraordinary for yourself and realize your friends and family are providing friction, you may want to block off some time to go through the “Scrutiny and Expectation” intensive.

If you’re trying to apply “Bumpers” or figure out how to “raise the floor” in your business, relationship or fitness journey, you may want to block out some time to dig into the Bumpers intensive.

These are not designed to be entertaining or keep you engaged, they are designed to help you solve an immediate problem.

Paid subscribers will have comment access where they can get help with that specific topic. Please limit the conversation to the topic of the intensive - it will improve the content for everyone.

Founding tier members [this includes all medallion holders] will have access to live workshops when we workshop the topics. There will be a minimum of one workshop a month, the topic depends on the feedback we get from members.

Guardians can utilize all of the above. In addition, if you want personalized suggestions, help or even introductions bring them to the weekly Guardian call or an in-person event.


1. Navigating The Two Tyrants of Leadership: Scrutiny and Expectation

How to recognize, navigate and diffuse both scrutiny and expectation. Features Nic Peterson, Randy Massengale (former senior advisor to Bill gates), Polar Explorer Akshay Nanavati and a few key additional resources. If you want to become - or do something - extraordinary, you must be prepared for the Two Tyrants of Leadership

2. Bumpers, Bumpers Accelerator and Workshop Intensive

Applying Bumpers in different areas of your life. “Bumpers” is simple and often self-evident. However, like anything else, it requires repetition and sometimes support. This is a live workshop with Nic and Guardians that have successfully applied Bumpers in their businesses and their lives.

3. Recapture And Reallocate Intensive

Recapture and Reallocate is a core principle in The Guardian Academy. Anytime you feel like you need more of a currency (time, money, energy, etc) take the time to do a full recapture and reallocate. Recover what is being wasted before seeking “more” of something.

4. Peak Performance and Productivity With Dr. Jeff Spencer Intensive

An intensive for developing the mindset, habits and schedule to perform your best. It is a collection from Dr. Jeff Spencer.

Who is Dr. Jeff Spencer?

Jeff was the peak performance and mindset coach for all nine tour de France victories. People like Bono from U2, Tiger Woods, Dave Asprey of Bulletproof and Richard Branson keep him on speed dial when they need a tune-up. Jeff is an olympic medalist himself and has coached over 40 olympic medalists and world champions.

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