Cheers to cutting out the noise.

Since launching the Guardian Academy, we’ve somehow attracted a tribe of extraordinary humans.

You maniacs have mailed us a ton of cool stuff, introduced yourself at events, and bought us drinks (keep it up btw). You’ve sent us photos of your adventures and shown us how you are contributing to the world.

However, the best thing you have done for us is simple: you’ve convinced people like you to join the Guardian Academy. For that, we are thankful.

So, thank you, we are building out a badass Ambassador program so we can reward you for sharing the Guardian Academy.

Live to Learn. Give to Earn.

Guardian Academy ambassadors helps us brainstorm new ideas, new products, interesting contests, test new features and take part in our events.

We have a handful of incredible humans that are already ambassadors… wanna join ‘em?

Learn about the Ambassador program here

See you on the other side,

Live to learn. Give to earn.
The Guardian Academy Team