Are You The Next Guardian?

Please be sure to read everything below thoroughly.

We limit the number of new Guardians to five a month to maintain and improve the quality and support of the Guardian experience. You can reserve your spot on the list at any time1, invites are sent in the order applications are received.


A Guardian of the Guardian Academy has the highest level of access to our team, founders, partners and collaborators. It is designed to tease out the emergent properties that are awakened through exposure and proximity.

Guardians have access to:

  • A weekly call for an “over the shoulder” and wide open QnA with Nic Peterson and the Guardian Academy Team.

  • Live, monthly workshops

  • One on one onboarding and strategy sessions

  • Quarterly Guardian only events. These are in person and can be attended virtually.

  • Guardian only benefits. These are benefits given to Guardians as a “thank you” for your contribution to the community and body of knowledge.

The Guardian tier will be the most valuable to individuals that are not trying to stay anon. This is due to the fact that the greatest benefits is often derived from getting to know one another and creating synergy with other Guardians and honorary Guardians.

The Path(s) To Guardian

There are two paths to the Guardian Tier.

Both require an “endorsement” of sorts…

The first path requires time, patience and participation. You will need to acquire a Golden Medallion through farming and forging. This can take between 45 days and up to a year.

Once you have acquired a Golden Medallion you will have to demonstrate a significant contribution to the community, as per the community and submit a capstone project for approval.

The Capstone will be voted on. If approved by the community and deemed a valuable add to the body of knowledge, you will be granted access to Guardian.

Any existing Guardian of the Guardian Academy will be happy to help you join the Guardian Tier through farming and forging. An existing Guardian walking you through the process counts a their endorsement of you as a good fit.

The second path is to apply and invest directly in joining. Once paid, you will have a set amount of time to submit a capstone project to unlock full Guardian benefits.

The Guardian application is here.

We will not take any payment or let you enroll without a conversation. It’s important to make sure you are crystal clear on what being Guardian is and what it entails. If you have an endorsement, the fastest path is to have your endorser make a direct introduction to someone on the team.

The two paths are designed to be respectful and align incentives for everyone. Someone that has more time than money can still access Guardian through patience and contribution. Someone with more money than time can access Guardian by paying their way in to shortcut the time.

Both paths require a capstone (submitted within a year of joining) as contribution.

The Roadmap to Guardian

  1. Free substack articles, YouTube Videos, Podcasts and Unofficial Community Run Group2: Consume all the free content you want. =)

  2. Paid substack $10 a month: Join the conversation by accessing paid articles and enabling comment access on articles. Get access to intensives and courses.

  3. Founding Member, $397: Join live workshops and get fancy packages in the mail.

  4. Guardian:

    1. Apply to become a Guardian Immediately3 or

    2. Exercise your patience by farming your way in on the blockchain (this takes time)

**Please take your time to read the free articles and get a feel for the ecosystem before pulling the trigger and starting either path. The paid subscription is kept super low cost to give you an opportunity to “Test the waters”.

See you on the other side,

Nic Peterson
Guardian Academy
Live to learn. Give to earn.