Guardian Spotlight: Howard Getson, Capitalogix and the Future of AI

“If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible”
-Howard Getson

Guardian Spotlight

Name: Howard Getson

Business: Capitalogix

Industry: AI, Tech, Trading

“Howard is like the Elon Musk or Steve Jobs of AI. Learning from his is not like learning from a professor, it’s like learning from the person that wrote the book”

Nic Peterson and Howard Getson

If you’ve been to one of our events, you may have already met Howard. If not, I hope you get the chance, soon. Here is his official bio from the Capitalogix site:

Howard founded this company in 2017 and has been trading for over 20 years. Howard’s prior company, IntellAgent Control, was an Inc. 500 A.I. company and won an IBM/Lotus Beacon Award for best business application. Howard holds an M.B.A and J.D. from Northwestern University and received his B.A from Duke University. 

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mr. Getson had a corporate legal practice.  He served two terms as Chairman of the Computer Use and Technology Section of the Dallas Bar Association and has served on the technology committees of two major Dallas law firms.  Mr. Getson served seven terms on the Board of Directors for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (“EO”) in Dallas, and he served on the EO International Board of Directors from 2001 to 2004. 

You can see the rest of the Capitalogix team here.

While Capitalogix appears to be focused on trading, it’s actually much more than that. Howard has been on the forefront of AI for over a decade, well before chat GPT was popular. He also understand technology, diffusion of innovation and platforms better than anyone we’ve ever met.

Learn More About Howard:

[When Howard gives me the green light, I’ll embed his documentary here]

Howard on the future of Ai, Tech and Trading:

The Future of AI, Tech and Trading Part 1 (TGA event replay):

The Future of AI, Tech and Trading Part 2 (TGA event replay):

Howard is a tremendous contributor to the Guardian Academy and attends most of our events as both an attendee and a contributor. He also has 10 of the best seats in the Cowboys stadium. If he invites you to a game, accept it. It’s one hell of an experience!

Howard and Capitalogix has teamed up with the Guardian Academy to form “Guardlogix”.

What is GuardLogix?

GuardLogix is the marriage between Howard’s tech/team and the Guardian Academy financial methodology.1

How GuardLogix works

Note that this will only make sense if you understand our financial framework, in which we are looking to increase the probability you get what you want in life. This means that whether we take more risk or less risk depends on your current trajectory.


Basic: if you’re over performing relative to what you need, take risk off the table. If you’re underperforming relative to what you need, you’ll have to take more risk. This keeps your profile as low as it needs to be in order to stay on track.

Advanced: If you’re over performing, take that “overage” and flip it into something higher risk that may collapse time by generating a cash windfall. Since you only do so with the “overage”, you are not putting your goals at risk but are still getting exposure to the higher-risk plays.

You could also choose to take a percentage or all of the return and buy crypto (or stocks, or Beanie Babies, or gambling money) leaving your principle in cash and acquiring the crypto (or asset) of choice with “house money”.

A version of this has always been our general framework.

The problem, historically, is that the humans (that’s you and me) involved are unreliable and have a hard time following plan. Fear, greed, distraction, and more prevent us from carrying out the plan.

Capitalogix tech solves this problem by removing the human element and balancing a portfolio in realtime and with precision and without human error.

Bonus: Guardian Douglas James hosts Howard at his private Mastermind: