2024 With Laurel Day 0

Day 0. Introduction and Interview with Nic and Laurel:

Alright, we’re starting off with Day 0. It’s like the pre-work before we get to the real work.

All we ask of you is that over the next five days you don’t get distracted. Open each email and do your best to apply what you learn.

There will be resources attached or links to many of the trainings. We recommend that if you feel overwhelmed, just bookmark the pages and come back to them for the resources later.

The highest leverage thing for you it to watch all five days. You’ll keep access to everything else, so there should be no urgency to do everything right now.



Here we go…


This conversation between Laurel and Nic is a preview of everything you’re going to learn over the next five days:


Listen: If you want to take this with you, you can listen to it here or on your favorite podcast player by clicking below:

Guardian Marketing and Advertising
#3: Laurel Portie Spotlight - Content That Works
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To get the most out of the next five days, we recommend you have the following resources handy:

Both will help contextualize the content and both can be referred to frequently when traveling, flying on a plane, winding down for bed, etc.


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Looking forward!
Nic and Laurel

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