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Answering The Call: Fatherhood

Answering The Call: Fatherhood

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  • The key to becoming supernatural. How to stand above our natural tendencies of bitching, sniveling and whining.

  • Leaving space for a Miracle. Why more detailed plans fail to deliver on the promise and the important of holding space for the unknown.

  • Staying in the game. The strategy for staying in the game while waiting for investments in the future to pay off.

This is the audio of a powerful, invite-only presentation from Dr. Jeff Spencer about the lessons learned adopting his daughter.

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Cornerman to Olympic athletes, world champions, celebrities and business titans Dr. Jeff Spencer shares a new perspective on parenting and who is really teaching who. It’s easy to see that most children are learning something from their parents…

…but it’s not a one way street. Not by a long shot.

Jeff has been through the rigors of winning Olympic medals, the tedium of becoming a world-renowned glass artist and international sports chiropractor of the year. He’s endured 9 Tour Dr France victories and gotten SOS calls from Tiger Woods, Bono, Richard Branson, Dave Asprey, Chris Voss and many more.

Nothing compares to the life-lessons learned and transformation experienced from adopting his daughter.

In demand, well paid and at the top of his game, Jeff walked away from 90% of his income to answer the call. In this presentation, he shares the most powerful and impactful lessons he learned from adopting his daughter.

This isn’t just about being a parent.

It’s your wake-up call to tap into supernatural.

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