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The Truth About "Mindset": Human Mentalities with Dr. Jeff Spencer

The Truth About "Mindset": Human Mentalities with Dr. Jeff Spencer

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What’s in this episode?

To celebrate Dr. Jeff spending today at the office with us, we’re sharing one of the most powerful trainings/perspectives on “mindset” we’ve ever encountered.

One of Dr. Jeff’s clients, Greg, was favored to win the gold medal in the Olympics but was starting to mentally unravel. To help him win the gold, Dr. Jeff had to tap into the concept of the human mindset versus the champion's mindset and how they are constantly at war with each other for control over our decision-making.

The human mindset is our default beliefs that are calibrated towards survival. It is fixed and operates on high-speed impulses. On the other hand, the champion's mindset is our applied wisdom that is consciously and deliberately applied.

It is calibrated towards excellence and has the final say.

It’s crucial to understand these two mindsets for anyone, athlete or otherwise, to reach their potential.

  • Fear is a sign of biologic readiness and that

  • Champions conquer fear by taking action despite survival impulses.

  • We have a choice between engaging with the human mindset and potentially becoming a one-act wonder or embracing the champion's mindset to become a repeat winner.

  • Applying the champion's mindset in our daily lives is the secret to achieving success and making a difference.

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