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What Is A Cornerman? Champions Corner Arena Session

What Is A Cornerman? Champions Corner Arena Session

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Future Guardian,

Here’s this months Arena session with Champion Maker and Cornerman Dr. Jeff Spencer.

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The second Thursday of each month is a Cornerman’s Arena session. Free subscribers can listen to the dialogue between Nic and Dr. Jeff Spencer which includes:

  • Answering TGA+ members questions.

  • What makes a good mentor and cornerman and how to find one.

  • Get a handle on your day

  • Increasing your productivity

TGA+ Subscribers can listen to the entire Arena session, which is packed full of actionable insights because of the way the Arena is structured.

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This Champions Corner Arena session focused on the concept of a "cornerman" and how to find and develop one. A corner man is an advisor who provides real-time guidance and support to help individuals achieve their goals. Dr. Jeff explained that a corner man is different from a coach or mentor because they consider all aspects of a person's life and provide practical solutions for real-life situations. Learn more about coaches, mentors and cornerman in The Three People You Need To Succeed

Dr. Jeff shared his personal experience with cornermen and how they influenced his journey. He emphasized the importance of finding a resonant connection with a corner man and advised participants to spend time with potential advisors, research their background, and trust their instincts. He also encouraged individuals to reach out to potential corner men, regardless of their level of experience, as many advisors are eager to pass on their wisdom.

The meeting also included a Q&A session with TGA plus members. Participants asked questions about various topics, including the importance of adaptability, managing tasks effectively, and the significance of showing up and giving one's best every day. Dr. Jeff provided insightful responses, emphasizing the need for adaptability, focusing on the most important tasks, and maintaining a champion's mindset.

The meeting concluded with a discussion on the scorecard concept, which emphasizes the importance of adaptation and evaluating one's performance based on how well they adapt to reality. The Champions Scorecard is part of the Champions Perfect Day.

Dr. Jeff highlighted the significance of showing up and giving one's best every day, as well as the impact individuals can have on others by being a positive example.

Recap: focus on adaptability, show up with their best selves, and make a positive impact on others.

Questions for Jeff? Drop your questions in the comments here and we will get them answered for you.

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Hope to see you in the Arena soon.

Live to learn. Give to earn.

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