Recapture Bonus Resources -2024 With Laurel


If you’re seeing this, you submitted the basic recapture homework, which means you took action!

Below are some additional resources to go deeper down the rabbit hole and recapture more time, effort, money and energy.

Bonus 1:

Allegiance Accelerator, Stealth Influence and my personal sales system.

You can access it for free right here.

Bonus 2:

Saturday, the 10th at 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern Nic did bonus mastermind to help answer any remaining questions and share the advanced recapture methods and some "reallocate" strategies.

You can see the replay below:

Bonus 3

Payment Processing, Health Insurance, Life Insurance and More:

The best payment processing and insurance options are often available only to select groups of people, like associations. Fortunately, one of our Guardians created an association and I can give people (like you) free memberships.

There are two ways to explore the options available to you:

  1. Grab your free association membership here letting them know what you’re interested in and that you have a free membership courtesy of the Guardian Academy.

  2. Read more about the association and follow the steps to join here.

There are three main contact points in the association. One for payment processing, one for health insurance and one for home and auto type stuff. Their role is NOT to sell you something, it’s to help you understand all the options and present the best ones you probably don’t know about yet.

I know this isn’t the “sexy” stuff, but it’s the important stuff.

There are more advanced recapture and reallocate strategies:

  • DALA Glasses

  • The Four Lenses

  • Brain Sludge and Self Respect

  • The “Rearview Mirror”

  • The Two Tyrants of Leadership

  • etc. etc. etc

For now, focus on the the basics form this training. We will get deeper into it later in the Guardian Academy and The Success Circle.

Live to learn. Give to earn.
Guardian Academy.

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