And That's A Wrap!

Congratulations on making it through all five days.

As promised, we come bearing gifts!

But first…

Remember that you won’t get the benefit from this (or any) training if you do not implement and iterate. We call it “engaging the field” andddddddddd we’ve included a free Engaging The Field workshop below.

You don’t have to binge everything below right now. In fact, we recommend that you don’t. Just bookmark this page and circle back when appropriate for you.

The Full Collection:

BONUS: Engaging The Field Workshop and Resources
Day 0: Introduction
Day 1: Profits In Plain Sight
Bonus recording and resources are sent to you after completing the Day 1 homework
Day 2: Magical Math
Day 3: The Ads Ecosystem
Day 4: Stealth Influence
Day 5: Bringing It All Together

You can also access the replays in Laurel’s Vault on The Success Finder here.

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