The Master Roadmap Pt. 1

Future Guardian,

Welcome to the The”Master Roadmap”.

It’s made up of the foundational curriculum, laid out in a very specific sequence. Each concept or principle builds on the a concept or principle that precedes it. This will be updated in realtime, bookmark it and check back often if you want a linear path to follow and study.

Each lesson will have a full article. Most will have a corresponding video and audio so that you can engage with the content however you learn best.

To get the most out of your subscription and your time, study the concepts below. Review them, keep loops open, engage the field, reflect and come back to them then necessary or appropriate. We generally do not recommend upgrading for more content unless you have done the work in front of you.

For some, it will make sense to upgrade for exposure, proximity and access to the right people, places and things.

Foundations, Core Concepts and Force Multipliers

0. The Base - Getting Started

1. Guardian Academy Structure

  1. TGA structure

  2. Three Potentials

  3. Learning and Intelligence

2. Guardian Academy Foundations

  1. Teaching smart people how to learn

  2. Double loop learning

  3. Valid vs Useful

DALA, Rocky Road and Quotes

The Adaptive Dilemma

3. Foundational Principles

4. Core Concepts and Force Multipliers

Reliability and Engineering Luck

Resource Allocation

Recapturing bandwidth and self respect

Personal Guiding Principles

  1. Investment Strategy and Finance Overview

5. Give To Earn; Ambassador Program

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